Summary of TuneIn Amplifier Terms

This is only a summary of the Terms of Service, and is not a contract. Please read the actual Terms of Service that control your use of TuneIn Amplifier, which are available here.
  • You continue to own all of your content and streams, but give TuneIn a license to offer your streams and display related information (e.g. logos, schedules, playlists, station and show descriptions) in TuneIn products worldwide.
  • TuneIn will not alter your audio streams, all of which are transmitted by you. You are responsible for all content in your streams and all risks associated with that content.
  • You and TuneIn have the right to use and view any data and analytics reports made available to you on, subject to TuneIn's Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service.
  • TuneIn may use your name and logo for its publicity or presentations or for cross-promoting your website. You can also display TuneIn's name and logo. In both cases, the use should be consistent with each company's branding policies.
  • You will not copy, reverse engineer or otherwise infringe on TuneIn's rights in TuneIn's software or platform.
  • You agree that you have all necessary rights and licenses to the streams, metadata and other content that you are including in the TuneIn service. As between you and TuneIn, you are solely responsible for any royalties to any third parties.
  • You will not include any content that violates any law or right of any third party.
  • TuneIn makes no warranties with respect to the data and you agree TuneIn will not be liable to you in connection with your use of the data.
  • You and TuneIn each have the right to terminate this agreement at any time for any reason.